Ability tests

Colour blindness test

You stand at about 3 meters from a circle with various points of different sizes and colours. The instructor indicates a point and you have to say the colour. In some cases they ask you to close one eye, so it can be tricky, especially for the smallest points. But the test is just to check if you are colour-blind, not to measure your acuteness of vision, so it doesn’t matter if you fail a few times.

Reaction time test

You sit on a chair with 2 pedals on the floor. One represents the accelerator and the other is the brake. In front of you there is a green light, and all you have to do is brake when the light turns red, then use the acceleratir pedal when the light turns green. Very easy!

Depth perception test

Basically you have to align a moving pin with a fixed one, by using forward and back buttons. In Bangkok you will have to pass this test, but not all provincial offices are equipped with this machine.

Are you aware of different kinds of tests? Did you take those tests and did you find them difficult? We would like to hear from you! Thank you for your help.

2 Comments on “Ability tests”

  1. Failed the reaction test. No explanation in understandable English. Didn’t know the purpose of the test or what to do. So there was a green light that turned red? Glad to know. Why wasn’t I told?

  2. Being amongst the roughly 8% of men who are red/green ‘colour blind’ this part of the ability rests caused me more concern than it would most. In the UK it isn’t (or at least wasn’t) tested for and I drove professionally for over 20 years.

    Upon application for my intitial 2 year temporary Thai license in Pattaya about twenty other applicants witnessed me fail to correctly identify the colour of enough of the small dots on a standard colour blindness test chart. I do feel that the shades of green, red and yellow weren’t really representative of those used on traffic signals but that’s what they used. Anyway after screaming at me “Don’t tell me that’s green” she failed me!

    Of course being Thailand I was free to return and try again the next day which I did. The same lady tested me as the previous day but by what must have been luck I named the colour of enough of the dots correctly enough to pass.

    I recently renewed my Thai Driving License at a quieter, upcountry location. At this place they used replica traffic lights which displayed shades of the colours true to real traffic signals. I passed without incident.

    So I would say to anyone else with the same condition just keep cool, try your best and if you fail return the next day or just try at another test center.

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