Thai English lexicon

Presentation of the glossary

We are proud to present our Thai-English glossary, a bilingual dictionary of terms related to driving a vehicle. The glossary is organized by thematic categories: traffic, driving license, vehicle parts, vehicle maintenance, safety, insurance, buying a vehicle, etc.

About romanization of the Thai alphabet

Our glossary has three columns: Thai (in Thai alphabet), Thai (romanized transcription) and English. Please note that there is no official transcription of Thai into the Latin alphabet, so any attempt to transcribe is necessarily arbritrary and it’s not a true phonetical transcription. In order to pronounce the words correctly, you should either learn to read Thai, or have the words pronounced by a native speaker and use the transcription as a simple reminder.

Help us correct and enrich the wordlist

Did you spot a mistake? Is there a word or an expression that you didn’t find in the list? Do you have some suggestions for new entries? Please let us know!

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