Tougher tests for the Thai driving license

In an effort to improve the safety on its roads, Thailand has introduced tougher tests for obtaining a license. Effective since June 1st, 2014, the new tests will have 50 questions, instead of 30 questions for the old tests. In order to pass, drivers will need to answer at least 45 questions out the 50 correctly, which means a passing grade of 90%, instead of 75% for the old tests.

If you want to have an idea of what the new tests look like, you can download them at PDF format.

In English: set 1 | set 2 | set 3
In Thai: set 1 | set 2 | set 3

The correct answer is in bold (don’t mind the arrow, it’s probably the answers given by a candidate).

The new tests will be mandatory for all new drivers applying for a license for the first time (the 1 year license). Those applying for the 5 year license will not need to take the tests, but the drivers applying to renew their 5 year license will need to attend a one hour lecture (usually all you have to do is sit in a room and watch a DVD – in Thai).

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  1. I failed the test 1 day ago, i had all these questions on my test so i think previous comment is wrong, thanks for post i will second test today im sure it will help.

  2. I failed today. 43 out of 50. Need 45. Got the same parking question wrong 3 times. Guess I should have paid attention to those red and white curbs after all these years.
    There is 50 questions but my guess is that really it is 30 as a number of the questions get repeated through the test. Will try again tomorrow. Note to all, don’t let your license expire. I was out of Thailand for a year and it expired end of 2013. If I renewed it before or close to expiry then I would not have to redo the test. I vaguely recall trying to renew it before it expired but was told I had to wait. Some woman today was renewing it 2 months early so it must be possible. Bit crazy as I’ve has license here for 11 years. 1+5+5
    If renewing you still have to watch a one hour video in Thai. Good attempt but if you ever get to see it too bad they still let the kids be in the back with no seat belt.

  3. Question 21 in the 2nd English attachment I got wrong. Chose the parking lot as the correct one and not the space on the side of the road which I thought was a bus stop. (Turns out to be an emergency stopping bay anyway so the parking lot should be correct) Can’t see what is wrong with stopping in a parking bay. It is the correct answer in question 11 of the same attachment.

  4. S Edgar is right there are a few questions which you dont see in this test here but they are very easy and shouldnt give you any problem.

    Also the Problem B2bme had is true you have to choose the parking lot !

    1. Hey, it would be of help to me if you could just confirm for Q21, will answering the ‘parking lot’ (not marked in bold) be taken as CORRECT on the test?

      Many thanks

      1. I did also choose the parking lot and the answer was wrong. The correct answer would be No 1. I did the test yesterday and failed with 41 out of 50 without watching a video.
        Now I found this website and I hope it is going well today 😉

  5. What rubbish. I studied and used the ANSWERS in BOLD as they seem right yes. NOT right i got 5 out of 50 WTF… Was the machine faulty or what

  6. First test without any idea or study i got 31 out of 50 and again with second try i got 49 out of 50 don’t know which question was wrong!! you must remember these questions are random same question can appear on your screen maybe twice or even 3 times you should remember which one is correct and use the same answer don’t be confused!

  7. I have found this morning before I go to examination.That very help full,I pass my exam today. Thank a lot.

  8. Hello! Now you can practice Thailand driving license test online here:

    I made it from the official PDF on Phukets Provincial Land Transport Office website.
    Made it for myself, because didn’t find something like that and an old SWF version doesn’t work (404 error). My test is better because it’s made without Flash and you can practice the test on your Apple tablet or phone.

    Hope it’ll be useful for somebody. Good luck in passing the exam and on the roads!

    1. Very nice. Thank you very much the time and afford you put in. I tried it and it works like a charm. Somehow confusing is the low number of questions. I read there is a pool of 1.000 questions from which are 50 questions randomly chosen. On I tried the Thai version of a test using google translate and found it is a lot more in depth. Did someone found a book published in English with the whole set of questions? Unfortunately I found a few apps that are all in Thai even so they claim to be in English. Thanks Roman. Regards Nick

  9. I have an old UK paper type license and an international driving permit(IDP) issued by my home country(via post). The IDP is recognized by Thailand under the 1949 Geneva convention road traffic act. I did practice for the 50 questions using the link Roman gave(thank you). However it wasn’t necessary as I obtained a temporary car license(now valid for 2 yrs not 1) from the Bangkok head office earlier this month having only to take the braking reaction test and eye test. I think the IDP made all the difference and well worth the effort to obtain it. Good luck to all that read this.

  10. Hello,

    Do i need an international driving licence to rent a car for 2 days and what happens a police stops me without an international driving licence?


  11. Hi!
    Does anyone know where can I get a copy of the theory test guide in English version?
    I got a copy from the test centre yesterday but they only provide the Thai version.

    Many thanks!

  12. Hi yes the tests on the site Thai Driving tests is very helpful as in English BUT I am going for a motor cycle licence AND there is not ONE question in tests about riding on a motor cycle here . And in Ubon Ratchathani there would be 50,000 scooter driver or more here and all dis obeying the road rules ! I already have my car licence here for over 2 years and have Australian licence also.

  13. Hi to ALL, just got my Thai Licenses for motorbike and car (written each 49of50). Many thanks to Roman for his mock-test. Was invaluable and makes for fast learning. Out of the 100 questions I had (both tests together), only 2 or 3 were not identical, but slightly re-worded – however very easy to answer. Questions for motorbike and car come from the same pool (but its different for Thai). My experience on the two questions discussed above: a) parking + b) ambulance: a) parking: the answer with the car on the dual carriage way is correct: choose the car parked next to the right hand lane in the emergency bay. That was correct in my test. But neither can I find fault with the parking lot. b) ambulance from behind: the correct answer turned out to be: stop and wait. Side-remark: I worried a lot about the pool of questions – as in Thai they have 180+. No need – the pool for Farang indeed seem to be more or less the 90 question in Romans test.
    As an additional remark: I presented my yellow housebook. Was accepted – so I didn’t need Immigration or Embassy.
    Hope, this helps and Good Luck to ALL

  14. Hi,

    Just to say a huge thank you for these 3 x sets of questions.

    I did my two tests on the 11th April 2018 and achieved 48/50 and 49/50 without even studying. I could have easily achieved 100% but I was rushing.
    Just read and use your common sense. Safety first.

    Thanx and good luck to all.

    1. Thanks for your info,I did the test today and missed by 4 questions,these ones on this site are up to date? The test I did today was 50 questions.I go back for retest this Friday,20/4,i will use these to study before I go,cheers,evan ban amphur beach.

  15. Hey man, thank you so much for putting in the effort. You are saving thousands of people a great deal of their time!

  16. Take care I just did the test and they asked 4 questions from the video about
    Fines and failure to pay
    Cannot remember the exact questions but they related to
    How much % you pay if you fail to pay on time …….correct 1% per month
    How long you have to pay your fine and get your lisence back I think 15 days
    How long you have to apply for the road test certificate 15 days 30 days3months I cannot remember what I put but it must have been correct
    And topping up the reserve tank (no idea where that one came from)
    Answers were full /min /in between upper and lower levels can’t remember my reply but revise it
    Get these 4 questions and you could fail I did first time 44 out of 50

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