What are the different types of license plates

Here are the main car licence plates that you will see on Thai roads.

4 wheel private car, no more than 7 seats (the most common license plate).
Private 2-door pickup truck.
Private van or vehicle with more than 7 seats.
Temporary red plate issued by car dealer when buying a new car.
Taxis, buses and other chartered vehicles.
Airport limousines.
3 wheel vehicle (tuk-tuk).
Truck (the 2 digit number at the bottom indicates the province).
Agricultural or public service vehicle.
Diplomatic vehicle.

We also provide a list of all provincial plates (the number plates with a different colored background for every province).

If you want to see all licence plates of Thailand, including former registrations, police and military series or Royal Household cars, we advise you to check licenseplatemania.com or worldlicenseplates.com.

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