Annual Tax Registration Renewal

If you have a motorbike or a car, each year you have to renew the registration (the tax sticker). In Thai it’s called ต่อทะเบียน (“dtaaw tha-biian”, extend registration).

It’s an easy process if your car or bike is less than 5 years old. Just go to your Land Transport Office with your vehicle book (or a photocopy if you are paying a credit) and the proof that you have paid the P.R.B. (Compulsory Motor Insurance) for the year to come.

The fee for the tax sticker depends on the type and age of your vehicle. Typically for a motorbike it is around 300-400 baht. For a car it starts at around 1,000 baht (engine up to 2,000cc), average price is about 2,000 baht (for example a Toyota Altis 1.8) but it can go up to 6 to 7,000 baht, for instance for a 4-door pick-up.

The fee is the same each year for the first five years, then it is reduced by 10% every year up to a maximum of 50%.

If your car or bike is more than five years old, you have to undertake a technical check before you can apply to renew your registration. Take your vehicle to a certified garage, like this one:

The inspection costs about 200 baht and takes just a few minutes. They verify the car number and check the lights, the brakes and the exhaust. If your vehicle passes the test, you are issued a certificate that you have to show to the Land Transport Office, along with the blue book (for a car) or green book (for a bike) and proof that you paid the “Po-Ro-Bo”.

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  1. Dear Khun,
    I’m driving a new car since this year.
    My old one, Toyota Camery 2.4 (8 years old and looking same new and about 75000 km only), is no more used actually and because of the ridiculous offered price not sold. This in mind I think, contrary to my Thai friend, that i only have to do the annual tax registration (and insurance) as soon as I’m using it again.
    Please confirm this status so that I can show my friend that he’s wrong.
    Many thanks ind advance.
    Kindes regards,
    Hans D.

  2. Hi Hans, I think you don’t need to renew the insurance if you don’t use the car, but you do need to pay the tax registration every year (or else they will ask you to pay for every year you didn’t pay, and possibly add a fine). So I’d say you’re right concerning the insurance, and your friend is right concerning the tax registration! 🙂

  3. I have a two-tone color pickup truck for the last 10 years. Six years ago I had the bottom portion and hood wrapped (with the same color as the areas covered but textured). Today I was stopped at a Police checkpoint in Bangkok and told that having a two-tone color car is illegal now. I showed him the Blue Book which states that it is a two-tone registered truck (and actually just renewed the tags yesterday). He said the hood cannot be two-tone and promptly issued me a ticket for 300 Baht. The value of the ticket is not the issue, the question I have, is it actually illegal to have a two-tone hood on a truck that is registered as two-toned? If it is illegal, how have I been able to pass countless Police checkpoints and pass the annual inspection in the last 6 years without a second look?

  4. I have bought a motorcycle from a thai guys…the registration is overdue sins 18sep and I have too put it in my name and register it… how much is a fine if you drive with a overdue registration?

  5. Two tone motorbike,,, my green book says yellow and black colors. But dealer had changed side panels to a brown wood grain. At inspection station said had to change book, go to land transport office. Land office check serials in green book against actual bike, say ok same bike. Gave me inspection form. Pay fees, leave book overnight (got precept for book). Come back next day pick up book, and now my name listed on new page (like if bike sold) with color now listed yellow and brown. Ergo.. I guess two tone motorbikes are ok… funny what causes issue here and what doesn’t. So if you modify your bike, be prepared at inspection time. Not real difficult process, just time consuming waiting in ques.

  6. I just did the CHECK-UP for my 7 years old Motorbike.
    I went to the CHECK UP centre next to the Government Driving Office. (same as your photo).
    its PATHETIC !!
    i have never seen such a joke !!
    i paid 60 baht, and he drive my motorbike in a circle and said it passed the test !!!!!
    Seriously ?? !!! thats it ?
    now I know why the vehicles in thailand are allowed to drive the streets in such a bad and low condition !
    corruption right next door to the government driving registration building.

    1. WOW you took your bike for check up!!! MOST Thai people in country don’t have lights on their motorcycles and wear dark clothes at night. Some have white light on back red light on front or green yellow blue whatever…..It is no surprise that many motorcyle riders die !!!!

  7. I bought a new Yamaha 150cc about a year ago and it came with the Compulsory Motor Insurance. The Yamaha dealer said they only sell the insurance with the new bike.

    Any suggestion where to buy Compulsory Motor Insurance?
    Thanks for any advice.

    1. Thomas,
      I bought my ER-6 from a bloke living in Pattaya with his Thai wife. I currently have insurance through the same company/agent: Panida Tantikosol with AIG (New Hampshire Insurance Company, 22nd Floor, Siam Tower, 989 Rama I Rd., Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand, Tel 662- 649-1035-6 | Cell 668-1558-0507 | Fax 662-649-1022). I don’t see why they could help you out for Chiang Mai. Kent had insurance from AIG in Pattaya, and I have AIG in Bangkok. So, give Khun Panida a call. good luck. Cheers!


  8. I know someone that pays 3500baht for a small motorcycle/scooter. She pay it at the shop where they got the bike from tho is she getting seriously ripped off?

    The bike is under finance so Im not sure if they have some hold over the bike that she has to pay registration through them or what she can do about it.

  9. I have a car sitting for 3 years because I did not have enough to get it fixed. Now I got it fixed and all the garage I go to won’t issue me the P.R.B., because they said since it is more than 3 years without paying the tax I have to go to the one in Morchit. Is this correct? I guess I need to ask Morchit to know exactly, but just asking here incase someone knows.
    Car is in running condition now, but I reckon the car maintenance check might be more strict in morchit area rather than doing it with my “friend” who has a garage certified to issue PRB as well.

  10. Hi you mention paying a PRB for the year but don’t explain that at all? Is this really a requirement? And if so how do you do it?

  11. I have been abroad for quite a while and couldn’t pay for my tax/insurance Motorcycle Insurance which is due since a few months now but will return to Thailand in short.

    Does anyone know the procedure or any penalties?

    Thanks and best,


    1. Just use the translation application with your phone. You can read any language and have instant translation on your screen

  12. Having read this article I went to a TRB garage to get a certificate for my almost 5 year old car. Age 5 on renewal date.
    They informed me that 5 years apply to motorbikes and my car doesn’t need a certificate till 7 years old.

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