Restrictive signs

Here are most of the restrictive (prohibitory) signs in use in Thailand. Most of them are just the same as in other countries, of course the “no tuk tuk” sign is a bit of a local speciality.

Please also check our page listing all the warning signs!

Give way Stop No entry No left turn No right turn
No U-turn No left turn and no U-turn No right turn and no U-turn No lane change (left) No lane change (right)
Give way to oncoming traffic No car entry No motorcycle entry No bicycle entry No Motorcycle or car
No tuk tuk entry No truck entry No tuk-tuk or motorcycle No farm vehicle entry No vehicle entry
No pedestrians No horn No parking No stopping and no parking Speed limit (kph)
End of speed limit restriction Roundabout No overtaking No overtaking for truck Maximum weight limit
Maximum width limit Maximum height limit Maximum length limit (meters)

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