The Thai way

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Understanding Thai people

Or why the easiest way prevails over the safest or the most considerate way… If you ask a Thai man why he prefers to drive on the wrong side of …

What should you expect on Thai roads?

10 reasons why I chose to drive in Thailand

What to do if you get stopped by the police

Klaeng jai, nam jai: just words?

Traffic laws

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Road markings and traffic lights

Dividing lines A yellow line indicates the division of a two way traffic road (it’s the center line), whether a white line indicates a lane. A solid line can’t be …

Restrictive signs

Driving license

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Tougher tests for the Thai driving license

In an effort to improve the safety on its roads, Thailand has introduced tougher tests for obtaining a license. Effective since June 1st, 2014, the new tests will have 50 …

Land Transport Offices in Thailand

Ability tests


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Thai roads the second most dangerous in the world

According to a recent study led by the Transportation Research Institute of the University of Michigan, USA, Namibia is the country with the highest rate of fatalities from road crashes. …

Statistics concerning helmet wearing

Statistics about road accidents in Thailand

Press review

1584 – DLT hotline