It is not difficult to obtain a Thai driver’s license. Therefore, Thai drivers have a reputation for disobeying traffic laws. If you live in Thailand, you are required to obtain a driver’s license. Only tourists are exempted from the trouble of getting a Thai driver’s license.
Below are the steps following which you can get your Thai driving license.

Step 1: Keep all the documents ready beforehand.

Keep your medical certificate and your residence or work permit certificate on hand for the application procedure.

Medical certificate

Go to a nearby clinic or hospital to get a medical certificate and have your check-up done. The test will consist of blood pressure and weight checks, taking no more than five minutes. The validity of this medical certificate will be limited to one month.

Residence certificate

Residence certificate

Your driver’s license will be issued with a residency certificate as proof of address. Bring the filled TM30 form with your landlord’s signature and two passport-size photos to the immigration office if you don’t have one. For verification, sign the form and take a few photocopies of the document, which is also necessary for the Land Transportation office.

Work Permit certificate

You can avoid the whole procedure of getting a residency certificate if you have a valid Thai work permit certificate, as the Land Transportation Office considers this sufficient for address verification.


Keeping your passport handy is only applicable to tourists who want to get a Thai license. You will be required to hand over copies of the essential pages on the passport as required.


Step 2- Go to the Land Transportation Office

Also known as the Provisional Land Transport Office, is where you will begin your Thai license application.

When to reach?

The most crucial part of the day will be getting to the office on time. Because you don’t know how long it will take to complete the process, try to arrive as soon as possible, ideally early in the morning.

Get your documents checked.

documents checked.

When you arrive at the office, report to the information desk and turn in your documents. If your documents are acceptable, you will be asked to continue with the process.

Complete the tests

You will be asked to undergo color blindness and reaction time tests after your document has been successfully verified. You will only be asked to proceed if you pass these exams.

Step 3: Take in the information.

After the initial steps are completed, you will be required to attend safety and traffic rules sessions. You will be asked to sit for a long session on traffic rules in Thai. This will include long lectures and video presentations. Make sure you make a note of every point as it will help you in the further steps.

Step 4- Take tests

After completing all of the sessions, you will be permitted to take a fifty-question written test on a computer. Only if you pass this exam will you be allowed to proceed to the driving test. If you don’t pass the written test on the first try, you have the same day or 90 days to retake it. The same applies to the driving test as well if you don’t pass.

Pay and get your license.

Step 5: Pay and get your license.

If you passed all of the examinations, you’d need to pay for your license and wait for your license to be printed.

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