Traffic Rules In Thailand

Thailand is already well-known for not complying with road laws. However, there are a few restrictions that must be followed when driving on Thailand’s roads. To assist you with your driving experience, some of the rules are listed here.

Have a driving license

The first and most crucial requirement for driving. Apply for a license if you live in Thailand. Make sure you have your English driver’s license if you’re a tourist.

driving license

Driving on the left side

Thailand is a country where people drive on the left side of the road. Through this is a wrong side to drive, Thailand has equipped itself with it. Thailand has a well-developed road network and is an excellent alternative for vehicle travel. The country’s major roads and highways are of an excellent standard that improves Thailand’s roadways.

Be careful at the intersection

For foreign drivers, intersections remain the most dangerous parts of the road. When passing an intersection, neither the traffic light signal nor the transport moving opposite can stop the Thai drivers from slowing down. Cars and two-wheeled vehicles frequently pass very close to each other.

Be careful at the intersection

Entering the circle

Local drivers conform to a set of rules that they must obey to the fullest. The local drivers always respect the priority of cars moving in the circle. A car about to join the circle must pass vehicles that are already moving around it. Traffic is frequently controlled in these places by traffic controllers.


When choosing a parking spot, exercise extreme care. Locals never leave their vehicles in areas where parking is prohibited. Any road having a red-and-white curb or a particular road sign prohibiting parking does not permit you to park your car there. If you do so, the wheels of your car will be blocked in a matter of minutes, and you will be fined heavily.

Going first

Many roads are congested, making it difficult for even two cars to pass one another. Local drivers address the problem in this scenario by following a simple unspoken rule: the driver who was the first to “wink” with their car beams gets to proceed first.

Safety rules

Rules for foreign drivers

Driving without a safety belt and talking on a cell phone while driving are two of the most common fines imposed. Thais are highly serious about following the rules regarding seat belts or using cellphones while driving, and they try not to break them. Extensive police checks occur from time to time. The police conduct car checks to identify drunk drivers and impose fines. Motorbike drivers who do not wear a helmet go through the same process.

Rules for foreign drivers

Because international visitors are treated more severely in the country, foreign drivers should be extra cautious and not break the rules. Do not think that if you obey all of the rules, you will be safe and have no accidents. It is critical to keep an eye on the situation on the road and to look about frequently.

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