Roads Of Thailand

If you’ve just arrived in Thailand and are excited to take your driving talents to the test, hold on to your excitement for a while! Though Thailand is a lovely location to live in, it is not without reason Thailand is regarded as the world’s most dangerous country to drive. Thailand’s drivers, unlike those in other nations, have their own style of driving. We’ve compiled a list of potential roadblocks that you should be aware of while driving in Thailand.

Left to right driving

Thailand has always been known for its chaotic traffic. People in Thailand prefer to drive on the left rather than the right side of the road. Thai people do this to avoid the hassle of missing a U-turn. This is why they drive against the flow of traffic. Driving on the wrong side is most commonly observed on highways. So, while merging into a highway from a side road, keep both sides of the road in mind.

Left to right driving

Misinterpreting the flashlights

In reality, flashing headlights have a completely different meaning, but the Thais have a different understanding. While flashing headlights in most countries signifies “you can go ahead,” a gesture in which you slow down to allow another person to pass you, in Thailand, it means “go in a hurry” without waiting for anybody else. So, if you’re not a local in Thailand and want to be safe, throw out all of your old rules and make sure you don’t misinterpret other drivers’ signals.

Tourist driving

Tourist driving

If you were ever a tourist but have become a local, you may have had a similar experience. Tourist driving is the most dangerous type in Thailand since they may have come from a nation where traffic laws are strictly enforced. In Thailand, however, this is not the case. Tourists will undoubtedly drive according to the familiar rules, which may be risky. They will assume that everyone else follows the same set of rules, resulting in a chaotic driving experience for them. So, if you have with a tourist friend, make sure you advise them on Thai traffic rules to avoid an unpleasant road experience.

Careless drivers

Thailand has a perfect blend of not following traffic regulations and having dangerous roads, making it the country with the highest road accident deaths. Some drivers are either drunk or inattentive on the road. As a result, they pick poorly marked routes as work zones or roads with sharp turns, leading to tragic accidents. As a result, always be alert and cautious when driving on Thai roads.

Not following driving rules on the highway

On the highways, one must follow particular driving rules. Slow driving is done in the left lane, while fast driving, overtaking, or making a U-turn is done in the right lane. You don’t want to overtake if you’re in the middle lane. These are the set rules, but as is typical of Thai driving, these rules are ignored, and people are careless, resulting in numerous accidents.

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